Thursday, October 14

Sorry, I'm way behind with posting!
Ah, it's been a bit busy of late. This picture is from last Friday, and I wore it to travel five hours to see my boyfriend. Ah, that sucks. Well, not the seeing of the boyfriend, but the travel.

This was the dress that first made me love the shift. I got it for £15 in an evans sale, and it was so amazing that I decided the fact that my upper arms were on show was irrelevant. And I'm glad I did, because it's one of my favourite dresses now. And shift dresses are often my staple.

Dress: £15 evans
Triple pearls: £5, New Look (I've had these since 2006!)
Boots, £39.50 evans
Mess, er... too many late nights and not enough cleaning.

More wordy posts to come, I promise! Kx


  1. I am such a fan! This is a really beautiful shift, is it really from Evans?! Haha.

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  2. I know right? When I found it (and it was a couple of years back, just when lace came in), I was seriously shocked... and *almost* regained my trust in them as a retailer.... *almost* ;)