Thursday, October 14


Come to this, all welcome:

Thrill! A rare UK screening of gang girl cult classic: She-Devils On Wheels
Delight! A supporting screening of the Chubsters film
Amaze! Cheap! Non-profit! Politically right-on! Under the Westway! Punk!
Plus! Chubster-style arsing around.

Wednesday 27 October 2010
Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, London, W10 5TY

The Chubsters are a queer fat girl gang, though you don't have to be queer, fat, a girl or even particularly gang-orientated to join.

We love going to the pictures and we've teamed up with the legendary Cheap Date magazine and Portobello Pop Up Cinema to present a night of Chubster-related pleasures.

She-Devils On Wheels (1968)
Directed by exploitation king Herschell Gordon Lewis, She-Devils On Wheels concerns the exploits of The Man Eaters, the toughest and most preposterous girl gang on the planet. Chubsters will be happy to spot Pat Poston as the belligerent Whitey, she's fat, dykey, and mean as hell. Combining low-brow humour, cheap laughs, even cheaper special effects and wild women on motorbikes, not to mention a theme song that will plague you for the rest of your life, this rare screening is unmissable. Check out the trailer!

Plus supporting short, Chubsters (2009).

Portobello Pop Up Cinema is a newly established, non profit Microplex (as opposed to Multiplex) cinema and arts venue situated in the Westway underpass on the Portobello Road/Acklam Road junction – an area steeped in a long and iconic history of creative subculture. Admission to the cinema is on a pay-what-you-can afford basis, with a suggested donation of £4. Fuck yeah!


I suck and can't go, because I can't really afford London train fares right now. But OH MY GOD nonetheless.

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