Thursday, September 30


So this year I have been thinking about a winter "uniform". I can't remember where, but I read on a blog last year about always having a staple outfit for a season. This is for the days when it's hard to get out of bed, when you don't really want to think about clothes, but nonetheless have to wear some. It's something I realise I need as I'm now up at 6am every day, and to be quite frank, I don't really have wardrobe logic going on at that time!

This week I've largely been wearing either a vintage shirt dress with boots, or a uniform attempt of a button up blouse under a v-neck jumper, skinnies, my heeled boots and a blazer (substitute duffel coat or short coat when it gets really nippy), and I think I'm getting there with the jeans combo. I work in archiving - this means that I can dress pretty casually (I don't really, I tend to just dress how I want instead, well within reason anyway...), but it also means I have to dress practically. I can be doing anything from climbing ladders in our vault to lifting projectors or donations, and so practicality is definitely the key.

Anyway! Uniform....


So, basically, it's an outfit made up of my essentials - skinnies, boots, a button up blouse and a thin fitted jumper. I have tons of these jumpers, I always grab a new one in the january sales, so I can easily switch and change to blue jeans, a nice grey jumper and a brown belt. It's interchangeable without much thought... which I like, right now, until these early mornings become more normal again!

So, run down:
Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £7 sale
Blouse, M&S via ebay, £12.99
Skinnies, Dorothy Perkins, £10 sale
Tuxedo jacket, Dorothy Perkins via a Fatshionista sales post, £10
Boots, Evans £39.50

OH, I appear to be a bit of a Dotty P's fan girl... hmm.


  1. I like it! I always look forward to seeing your posts, you have such great personal style!

    Also, you actually introduced me to DP - I bought some leggings and a dress (both of which are amazing) off you from a fatshionista LJ sales post!

  2. Very, very cool. Definitely a uniform for all occasions. I haven't been to the UK in years but when I was there I loved DP!

  3. I have just got to say, you are absolutely adorable. I haven't seen a single outfit I don't like.