Monday, September 27

I'm back!
Well, at least occasionally... I am now living in Brighton in a shared house, and whilst still internet-less (at home AND WORK, dear god.) I now have some mobile broadband credit to last me a month or so. Anyway, I'm getting up at 6am every morning to commute to Chichester, which is a bit challenging, so my outfit pictures may well involve a grumpy morning face from now on. Yuck yuck.

Er, to illustate said morning face...
I spoke about this Jane BonBon dress a while back, which I scored on a fatshionista sample sale post on livejournal for $40. It's not custom made, but really it may as well be! It's quite simply the best day dress ever, and great Autumn fodder.

I also bought this pair of boots from Evans, as a new job present to myself. I battle with boots every year, as my calves are 19" wide, and most years I settle on a pair that fits rather than a pair I love. These are somewhere in the middle, and I think very reasonable for a pair of boots. They're actually a little big for me around the calves, but I reckon I'll end up wearing them with jeans as well so that's actually preferable.

Yay fall! Though fall on the south coast = a little bit like the last few weeks of August in Leeds. It's all a bit bright and sunny, so I was glad to break out a proper Autumn outfit today.

Black polo neck short sleeved jumper, £7 Dorothy Perkins sale
Jumper dress, Jane Bonbon sample sale via Fatshionista, $40
Boots, £39.50 Evans
Mac, £12 Primark
Bird badge, gifted.