Monday, September 6


Okay, so I definitely struggle with casual. For many a year "casual" to me has meant whatever dress I can find thrown over my head. Trousers and jeans only really entered my wardrobe over the past two years.

My best trousers are most definitely this pair. They entered my wardrobe last Autumn, and I loved them so much that within a month I owned three pairs! They came from tesco, and cost £13 if I recall. They're supposed to be a harem style, but fit me more like a skinny peg leg. They have super cute ruching up the back and pleated around the hips. I love them because they can be casual and more formal. They were also staple workwear for a good while, teamed with a bright jumper, grey waterfall cardi and wide belt. They're basically skinnies with more tailoring and detail, and which can be worn to work. YAY.

Anyway, I trotted off to get my hair cut this morning, and this is a before photograph. It's now shorter, but basically the same style, so I'll save the after picture for when "hairdresser" syndrome has worn off and my hair is no longer blow dried into oblivion.

T-shirt, primark £can't remember, but about £6?
Trousers, tescos, £13
Shoes, Primark, £2


  1. i think the tops so cool is it new primark or from ages ago? if its new i may have to go and get myself one :)

  2. sadly it was about last year! but definitely my favourite t-shirt, so comfortable!