Wednesday, August 4

Slightly special face today. Can you tell I'm a bit uncomfortable with this posing malarky? My boyfriend is also a lovely one, and most days is mocking my outfits whilst taking my picture, so I guess that doesn't help... silly boyfriend.

Anyhow, today I went to the job centre, then got angry at the job centre. I've come home and found out I have an interview at the University of Brighton, to work as a technical assistant with a collection of photography and cinematography. That's super exciting! So swings and roundabouts I guess...

Today is:
Dorothy Perkins floral skater dress, £7 sale (very short though, even for me! It barely covers my bum, so more of a leggings dress).
ASOS mesh leggings, as posted before.
Black wide buckled belt, £7 Dorothy Perkins sale.
Black sleeveless waterfall cardigan, £8 primark.
Black flats, £13 priceless.

The waterfall cut is new to me. I saw some other fatshion bloggers wearing them belted and it totally changed my perception. They're a great way to dress up an old outfit, and work equally well in casual and professional settings. This may well be incorporated into an interview outfit soon.

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