Thursday, August 5

A bit of a fight with the self timer this morning. I now have new found respect for fashion bloggers with beautiful pictures - despite working as a photographer in an archive until recently, I constantly struggle with taking pictures that are A) in focus and B) exposed correctly, let alone getting to the point where I can pull a non-awkward pose! Oh dear. Maybe I should give up the day job... oh wait, I already have. ho hum.

Anyway, unemployment puns aside, today I'm trying something new. I bought this sheer lace skirt from ebay, for a reasonable sum, and on monday finally found a short black tube skirt that would work under it. I love that without the sheer skirt, it's indecently short, but with the sheer skirt not so.

Run down is as follows:
Ripped vest top, size 18, Primark £4 (years ago).
Tube skirt, a very generous size 18, primark £5. These are in stores at the minute and very accomodating to my 53" hips. They come in khaki too, so worth stocking up on.
Waist belt, £7 Dorothy Perkins sale.
Sheer skirt, £6 ebay.
Shoes, £10 evans (ancient)
Jacket, £20 new look sale. This was in the straight sized section, and is a size 16. The waterfall cut makes it fit me pretty comfortably though the arms are a tad tight. It's a great cut with a cropped back that goes well with jeans, dresses and more formal wear. (Can you tell I'm trying to justify having spent £20 on this?! ha).

I want to get a lot braver with the skirt. I have a vintage green 50s boned swimsuit with a gorgeous sweetheart bodice that I'm very tempted to wear beneath this with nothing else and some chunky heels. I love that it's so long yet completely indecent at the same time!


  1. This outfit is gorgeous!

  2. Just found your blog via the Fatsionista Flikr group and I have to say you are so cute! I love your style :)