Wednesday, May 22

So I buzzed my hair about two weeks back, partially because I'd gotten fed up of styling the hairstyle I'd had and partially cos I felt like I'd been edging my way towards shaving it all off slowly anyway! It was a pretty good decision I think, I'm really enjoying dressing up again, and finding that I'm heading back towards vintage inspired femme-ier looks again, which is amusing! 

On another note, this dress was the best I've ever made! I wear it constantly, it fits just right and it works for a whole bunch of occasions. Good old Vogue V8615. 

Excuse the apparent miserableness of that day! Er, here's a close up of my collar chain which I haven't worn nearly enough. 

Shirt, New Look
Dress, handmade
Belt, Evans
Collar clip, ASOS
Shoes, Office

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