Tuesday, September 4

I'm fairly certain that this dress might have been the stuff of my teenage self's wildest dreams (polka dots, PINK and TULLE), so when I saw it at the last clothes swap I ran with the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective I decided to try it out. I like swapping for that, it often makes me pick up things I wouldn't in a shop, and try them out. Both the dress and the cardigan are from the swap actually - I normally hate cropped cardigans but after finding this realised that they make a lot of sense because they don't overpower a dress like a full length one. Opinion = firmly changed. 

Anyway, I got a bit fancy to go eat Thai food with my partner - the first of a few food stops we're making around Leeds before heading down to London, spending a last evening eating some of my favourite things. 

Dress and cardigan, £free from the clothes swap!
Bag, 99p, charity shop
Shoes, flatforms via ASOS, £28

Also editing to add a picture of my rats being the cutest things ever, because lots of you wanted to see more of them, and also because they are total babes!