Wednesday, August 29

As you can probably tell, I'm packing at the minute! My partner and I are due to move to London in a little over two weeks time, where I'll be going in postgrad education. As a result outfit posts may well seem a little cramped for a while as I try and fit them in around boxes. You might also get a few silly poses like this!

This is a really old dress, which I cut up a bit originally to make it a little more boob friendly. I felt like being incredibly pink today, which is apparently my favourite colour at the minute, so I'm ridiculously co-ordinated, probably to a new level of obnoxiousness.

You can't really see them, but I also have new shoes!
I bought these in the ASOS sale for £28. They're basically flats, but with a small platform, and they're seriously really comfortable. I like them because they're slightly fancy but I can still run about in them without noticing them. They're still on site here  in most sizes, and in leopard print too here. I love them so much I'm considering owning the leopard print too! FYI, the size 8 is pretty generous.

Cardigan, £7, Dorothy Perkins
Dress, £4, charity shop (DIYed neckline)
Shoes, £28 ASOS (buy them here)


  1. Ooh you're moving to London, how exciting! I hope you'll come to the coffee mornings :) hope the move goes well.

    The dress is cute and matches the cardi perfectly! Love the shoes, trying to resist the urge to look haha.