Friday, July 20

Super awkward pose here to show off a dress I probably should have posted about long ago! I've had this for a couple of months now, and took these photos the first time it got an outing. It's this dress from Queen of Holloway. I've read mixed reviews of them online - their prices are cheap but in terms of repro retro I think they lack the quality of their more high end competitors like Bettie Page, Stop Staring and so on. However, unlike the above, they make dresses to fit up to about a 42" waist and will custom make larger sizes on request too, so definitely more friendly to a wider size range. 

I was going to try and replicate this myself, but the price seemed about the same as the materials alone would have cost me. Having now worn it a bunch of times, I'm pretty happy with it. The only thing I'd say as a definite negative is that the belt above fell apart after one wearing, which was a shame. I also found the bust shaping a bit odd (I'm pretty much spot on with the measurements for the 24, yet the bust line sits mid boob, which is odd, but thankfully not that noticeable) However, as far as service and wearability goes, it's stood up well. It's now my generic going out dress because it's breathable, comfortable and still pretty glam.

Close up of the back, which is just about bra strap friendly!:

Generally speaking, it's a pretty cleavage heavy dress, so I'd recommend a good plunge bra (I generally wearing a balconette style but find it's on display a bit too much!). I think it works pretty well with my tattoo though:


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