Monday, June 18

Hello everyone

Radio silence is now ceasing! Sorry I’ve been avoiding you, blog, but life kind of got in the way (by that I mean I have been procrastinating a lot). Anyway, I’ve worn some super fancy clothes lately, so I feel like being vain again and prancing about in front of the camera.

This t-shirt is actually my boyfriend’s – it was a birthday present this year for him from etsy (you can buy it here). He’s a punk geek, and a cat fan, so well, it had to be done. Luckily for me, he likes his tees oversized and I like mine tight fitting, so, despite a 15” difference in waist measurements, I can steal it too! I wore it over a vintage dress with some clashing tights for fun.

Dress, vintage via charity shop, £4
T-shirt via Sleazy Seagull on etsy
Tights, We Love Colours
Shoes, Primark, £12

I wore this get up yesterday to meet some rats at a local animal rescue. My partner and I have been wanting some for years, but I wasn’t sure if we were ready. Anyway, we took the plunge and adopted a pair of boys, called Pierre and Pascal. They are the cutest, and I’m full of awkward new pet parent gushing. Consider yourself lucky though readers, because I’ll try and keep the rat talk off here… bar this quick photo (SORRY):

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