Thursday, May 17

Hi everyone!

I started a job last week (yayyyy!) and this is what I wore for one of my office days. It’s a casual office, which is good news after so long corporate temping. I still kind of dress formally, but it’s nice to know that I can dress down when I want, and that my daywear isn’t so intensely policed. All of these pieces are favourites of mine – most of my workwear is interchangeable, it’s perhaps the only part of my wardrobe that I could be capable of making into a capsule wardrobe.

Blouse, F&F via eBay, £4
Pinafore, old vintage stock
Belt, old vintage stock
Tights, We Love Colours, £6 (bought via a friend)
Brogues, Primark, £6

Also, as a PS: don’t forget that submissions for Make It Work close soon - and there are spaces for more submissions.

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  1. You look very gorgeous! I love how the whole outfit looks together!