Sunday, April 29

Make It Work #2

Hi all!

So now that Make It Work #1 (copies are still available) has been out for a while, I'm all full of ideas again and I think I'm ready to start compiling the second one. I'd like to aim to have #2 printed in time for my stall at the Fattylypmics in London (7th July!) so I am going to set an initial deadline for contributions by the end of May. As with last time, the deadline will probably slide at least several weeks, so if you don't think you can meet that then please do email me to see if you can still submit.

Ideas for subjects:
- Self care.
- Body acceptance stories.
-     - DIY tutorials (resizing smaller items, designing patterns from scratch, adjusting clothes, costume making, accessories.)
- Craft - radical crafts, projects, activism. Please try and make any tutorials sizeless.
- Art - good/bad/otherwise!
- Fat friendly exercise/HAES. 
- Fat relationships, sex, dating, friendships.
- Mental health.
- Fatshion - blogging, shopping guides, recommendations, resources for queer and differently gendered people.
- Queer politics - how does being fat impact your choices? How do dominant aesthetics limit your choices, how do you resist them, and how does your sense of dress interact with these dominant aesthetics?
- Letters to high street retailers, methods of resistance against outsizing, commentary on the closing of physical fat sized stores.
- Critiques and criticisms of fatshion - how can we make it a more inclusive space? Who do you want to see blogging?

Make It Work is predominantly a fatshion/craft zine, but it's political focus means there is tons more scope to include pieces outside of that specific area. For me 'making it work' is a central part of my engagement with my body both in my fashion choices and in my lifestyle choices - I consider it part of the survival tactics that help me cope in environments which are body oppressive. These are just starting points for brainstorming, and things I'd love to feature in the zine - if you want to feature anything else then feel free to suggest something. 

Anything you send should be easily photocopiable. Text based submissions should be 1,000 words or less. If you want to discuss ideas with me or submit a piece then contact me at fattyunbound[at]gmail[dot]com.

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