Thursday, March 1

After seeing suspender tights and hold ups as outerwear around so much lately, I decided to give it a go myself. Hold ups and mini skirts were pretty much my riot grrrrl teenager togs of choice, so I'm considering this a slightly more adult attempt. Funny though, how, despite wearing more tights than I would normally wear, I felt self conscious in this - completely nonsensical.

These hold ups, as a side note, as Autograph brand by M&S, and can be found here. I've owned maybe three pairs in the last three years, and they last FOREVER. They're also the only hold up I've ever gotten along with - they've got height enough to sit right on my upper thighs, never fall down and have a nice, thick band. Okay, £9.50 is a lot for a pair of hold ups, but I reckon with the amount of times I've worn them, they probably cost pennies per wear now.

Shirt, clothes swap, free
Bra, courtesy of Elomi
Shorts, Dorothy Perkins, still on site here £17 (with voucher code)
Hold ups, M&S
Suspender belt, eBay, £30
Boots, Clarks, £40

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