Friday, February 24

When I was down for the Plus London event in February, Claire let me have a rummage through some things she wanted to pass on. This denim should was one of the things I picked up, and I have pretty much lived in it on my off days. I wore this to go to my local WI, and to do some swap planning for March (details are on facebook here for anyone interested still). I'm looking forward to wearing it in a slightly more feminine way, with a nice pleated skirt perhaps.

Denim shirt via Claire! £free
T-shirt, £1, Traid
Leggings, clothes swap, £free
"Leather" vest, Forever 21+, £8 (bought in a BOGOF sale)
Dunlops, £2, car boot sale

An entire outfit for £11 = making my bargainous self pretty happy.

As an aside, I found out recently that an interview with me (and a bunch of other fat positive fashion bloggers) is featured in this month's Bitch magazine, which is pretty exciting for me! The magazine is pretty hard to come by in the UK (I'll scan in the feature when I get my copy for people to see), but is easier to find in the US. Check out Bitch's website to find local stockists to you.

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