Tuesday, January 10

This was one of those outfits for a day when you accomplish nearly nothing (in my case, a fry up at my local, and loafing around at home) but still fancy looking a bit ridiculous. This detachable collar is my new favourite thing EVER bought from Romwe here (if you do some googling, you can find a few discount codes too! I got this for about £6.50 including shipping.) I've been trying to make my own for a while, but this is really well made with some scalloping that I could never replicate myself. I wore it with my beloved Dorothy Perkins circle dress annnnnnnnd my Christmas present this year, which is a Cambridge Satchel! I've lusted after these since before I went to university (8 years!), but always ended up with vintage satchels instead, even though they tend to break almost instantly. Suffice to say, it's not left my shoulder yet.

Also featured are my January sales splurge on myself - a new pair of Doc Marten shoes, in a lovely garish red floral colour. They were reduced to £50, and I've loved them from afar since they came out, so I consider them a good investment. Here's a close up:

Dress, Dorothy Perkins, £20
Collar, Romwe, about £6.50
Belt, old vintage stock
Satchel, gifted!
Tights, M&S
Shoes, Doc Martens, £50

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