Saturday, January 14

I have to say, the longer I've been temping, the more brash I'm getting with my clothes. I work in an office currently that's full of pastels and proper workwear, and lately lots of unpleasant healthy lifestyle fat shaming rhetoric, and it's kind of hard on me in some ways. I've been coping with my favourite self care mechanism, which is basically dressing obnoxiously (within certain limits). This pink dress was a sales find from Next, from the maternity section (though my belly fills it minus sprog!), which is definitely a good resource if you are big bellied or pear shaped like me. It's another jersey mix, so comfortable day wear with just the right amount of 60s-ishness and obnoxious loudness for me.

Dress, £12, Next sale
Collar, £6.50, Romwe
Boots, Rocketdogs, £50

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