Saturday, January 28


Now that this blog is well established, I'm starting to offer small advertising slots on my sidebar. These are available to bloggers, etsy shops, eBay shops, and small and large businesses, and are now up for grabs!

I am offering 125x125 square adverts:

The placing can be seen by viewing my home page. As an advertiser, you will have to supply me with the image itself.

These adverts are currently priced at £8 per calendar month. Additional features such as product giveaways or reviews can be discussed in addition. 250x250px adverts can also be arranged for £15 per calendar month.


Average Monthly Page Views: 16,000+
Unique Visitors: 10,000+

Followers on Google Friend Connect: 950+
Followers on Google Reader: 1,000+
Followers on Tumblr: 1,100+
Followers on Twitter: 400+

Alexa Rank: 5,839,269
Google Pagerank: 4/10

My readers tend to be based in the UK, US and mainland Europe, and are largely either plus sized women or vintage enthusiasts.

Advertisers are at my own personal discretion, and I am not interested in featuring weight loss or diet related products. I reserve the right to refuse any content that is not appropriate or relevant to this blog's content.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly at