Tuesday, January 3


Okay, so I don't normally do "end of year" or summary posts, but this year has been crazy, and I wanted to do something to say goodbye to it.

I've spent 2011 moving three times, between Brighton and Leeds more often than I'd care, and I've maybe been more inconsistent that I'd like with this blog. Real life has taken over more than I wanted, and I'm hoping that 2012 will allow me to maintain more steady contact on here.

I started this year with a few loyal followers, and through the course of it gained many more (mainly thanks to my television appearance, but also to the many kind people who've linked to me, recommended this blog, and said generally nice things about me). I've become a more visible part of a community of fat positive bloggers, some of who have become good friends, some of who I hope to meet in the future, and all of which continue to inspire and stimulate me (in a fashion sense and also in a badass fat activist way). I've been to awesome events, swaps, conferences, and even organised two of my own! I hope that 2012 will involve more community building, events, and support for each other. I'm personally aspiring to run more swaps, spend more time teaching other fats to sew haphazardly (or even well!), and to improve my own sewing skills to the extend where I can make better clothes for me, and maybe even custom make things for others. 2012 will also be the year I publish my own zine for the first time, and there'll be much more on that subject soon.

Without being emotional, I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone who reads this blog. I'm glad to be another small piece of an online community of people who are challenging bodily norms and living visibly, proud and powerfully in bodies that are alienated and oppressed by mainstream discourses. I wanted to ask, too, what more you all want to read here. This past month or so I've not been writing much - instead I've put that towards zine making and finishing articles for people. I always want outfit posts to be a big part of this space, but I wanted to open it up to all of you - what else do you want to see more of? Tutorials? Politics? Histories? What do you want to know more about?

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