Monday, December 12

Just a quick post for me today. I'm temping at the minute, and trying to find my way around corporate/professional wear again, which I fear has resulted in way too many dull outfits. I'm also spending a lot of my spare time trying to make some work wear of my own, but I'll write about my adventures on that front another time. This dress is my favourite work appropriate item of clothing - it's a wool pinafore bought from Jane Bon Bon on etsy in a sample sale about a year and a half ago. I probably don't need to sell leopard print wool to anyone, but I'm still surprised at how well made and well fitted this is. I just had a nosey, and her etsy shop seems to be on ongoing vacation mode, sadly, and I hope this isn't permanent as I'm longing for another of her pieces when I next have money.

And one (badly posed) last picture to show off my winter coat this year! I found it at Leeds market, for the princely sum of £20. It's got a fake fur collar and a swing shape - warm with a nice vintage twinge. Lately I've been teaming it with this vintage hat, found last year in a charity shop for £4! I definitely go for a slightly "eccentric old lady" look during the winter - endless layers and big accessories are the best to keep warm in a cold Yorkshire winter.
Coat, £20, Leeds market
Hat, £4, charity shop
Dress, Jane Bonbon via etsy, £40 (sample sale price)
Black polo neck, Dorothy Perkins, £7
Boots, Rocketdog, £50
Tights, M&S

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