Friday, September 9

Okay, so apparently trying to get a good picture whilst packing (and without a chance to dry my hair even) and eating some semblance of breakfast does not give a good result. I present to you the obligatory blinking shot, with added carrier bags and broom. But hey, I'm fairly certain no one comes here for my sterling photographic skills anyhow.

I've been stealing my boyfriend's braces constantly recently, pairing them with high waisted skirts, circle skirts and for a more dapper look as per today. They add such a pinch of old school masculinity to an otherwise fairly everyday style.

Shirt, 50p, market stall
Shorts, ASOS, £8
Braces, pinched from my boyfriend
Tights, Evans (spot the holes? Time for a new shop I think)
Loafers, £12, Primark

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