Monday, June 20

Disco pants!

Okay, so I've been packing all my stuff up (I type this at my parent's house in Surrey, surrounded by boxes) and well, having that realisation that I have every time I move, that I clearly have wayyyyy to many clothes. However, despite four suitcases and several shopper bags of clothes, somehow I found myself in River Island trying these on anyway. They're a super generous size 16, and I'm certain they're not supposed to be quite so skin tight, but they're the garish skinnies of my dreams and I'm a happy bunny as a result.

This was worn for a dinner and leaving drinks at my flat! Boo! Bye bye Brighton.

Top, Topshop, £3
Black cami, £4, Primark
Black necklace, £2, Primark
Belts, £6 for both, Marks and Spencer
Trousers, £22, River Island

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