Friday, May 6

One work outfit today. This grey pinafore (60s I believe) was a score from the last round of vintage stock I sold. Sad times! I found it when I was interviewing last year, and it's served me amazingly as a professional dress. This outfit *almost* makes me like dressing professionally, until I realise that there's really no need to do that when you spend your days hunting around in dusty vaults, as I do!

Dress, old vintage stock
Blouse, £14.99 M&S via ebay
Belt, old vintage stock
Shoes, Deichmann, £15


  1. awwwwwwwwww so ellegant and cute!

  2. You look very 'libarian chic' here, i like!

  3. I really love your style. You actually look a lot like me when I was a tad younger!