Tuesday, April 12

One very belated outfit today, worn to work one day last week. I'm all behind on outfits right now, because I'm packing for a holiday! Tomorrow night I'm off to see my partner in Leeds, then to Amsterdam with a friend, so all is chaos right now. Normal service will resume soon.

Blouse, £6, vintage via eBay
Skirt, ASOS curve, £8
Tights, Primark (before they made them low waisted, now they aren't long enough for me! Sob!)
Shoes, Deichmann, £15


  1. Beautiful blouse! You have much better luck with cheap second-hand/vintage than I do, jealous.

  2. I love that skirt (and the price too!!) it really fits you well. The color and cut is so versatile. And there is a Deichmann in Maryland, only one, I believe... and I live near it!! I can't stay away from there. Any extra money I get goes to Deichmann. Hhaha! This is a really smart outfit, very fly!

  3. For tights have you checked out They're not the best quality when it comes to tights, but they come in so many color and size options!

  4. lovely blouse, I love the blooms pattern.