Monday, February 7

So onto the evening fun at Plus London! The evening do over at the Strand Gallery involved lots of champagne, cupcakes, and samples from Anna Scholz, Torrid, ASOS Curve and Yours Clothing amongst others (though I was useless and didn't really take many pictures of the clothes). There was also a pop up studio where my friend Caroline and I had some photographs taken (and I pulled my awkward camera horror face for a professional audience).

Annnnnnd, my sewing project in it's completed state! This was a close call, and only got finished on Thursday evening. It's a rehash of the same pattern I used in the summer to make this dress, by Very Easy Vogue (the number is V8615). With this dress I adapted this neckline to make it a round high neckline instead of a bateau as per the original pattern. My drafting didn't quite work, so I ended up pleated the (slightly baggy) neckline and crafting a bow to take onto it, which in hindsight worked pretty well!

I was terrified that a seam would break on the night or something, but it held up really well! Also, the fabric I used seems pretty crease-proof, so definitely suited for my wardrobe and er, lack of ironing skills. I'll definitely be dressing it down later this week. It was great to flounce about in my petticoat again though.

Dress, handmade using a £4 piece of material from the open market in Brighton (the pattern cost me £8 last summer).
Belt, former vintage stock, £free
Petticoat, Vivien of Holloway, £60
Cardigan, gifted by my lovely friend Caroline who found it at the Big Bum Jumble last August.
Tights, £3, Dorothy Perkins
Shoes, £8 Priceless

And also, Caroline's outfit, which I thought was super cute!

All in all, a lovely day, and it was great to get to meet so many amazing bloggers!


  1. The dress! That grey polka dot material was lovely. Looking forward to seeing how you style it in civilian life...

  2. thanks sue! I really admire your projects so your praise means a lot :)

    Rachie! It was great to meet you on Saturday, and thank you - may prove impossible to dress down but that doesn't normally stop me, haha :)

  3. you look awesome.
    i wish i couldve gone. :( too bad itd cost me an arm and leg to go to london lolol

  4. Your dress was so beautiful, I was in awe!

  5. thanks all! Gazel, I hope there'll be a Canadian equivalent one day, there are so many awesome fatties over there (you included)!

    Miria, indeed I did! It was a really easy pattern to follow though, so I claim no mad skills or anything...

    Beth, thank you! I meant to say, your jumpsuit was seriously amazing, so the awe is returned ;)

  6. I cannot believe how beautiful your dress was! You are so talented and I do apologies for pulling up your skirt to check the petticoat!! I also loved your glasses too - but I remember saying that! Totally gush - fest with me!

    Was lovely to meet you!

  7. So nice of you and Caroline to show me the thrift shop. Although I was a bit tired, I really enjoyed it. Next time I'm in London I might have to take some sowing lessons of you. That dress is so beautiful.

  8. It was lovely meeting you (even if it was briefly). Your dress is absolutely amazing!

  9. thank you monkey! your outfit was fab too, and it was awesome to meet you!

    Nefferth, thank you! it's okay, always glad of an excuse to nosey round vintage stores anyhow (though next time perhaps not whilst quite as tired! 10am starts on a saturday = exhausting).

    Val, thank you! It was wonderful to meet you too :)

  10. Oh, your dress is amazing!

    I am loving reading everyone's blog posts about the day, but I'm still so sad I couldn't make it. There better be one next year!

  11. Stunning dress. I love the classic print!

  12. Perfect vintage '50s style dress. As I commented above, you have some mad sewing skills! I love how you styled it with the pointelle cardigan and red shoes. Gorgeous!