Monday, January 24

Gah, house hunting! Still super busy. Here's an outfit from Friday to tide you all over though... this shirt is the best shirt I own. It's a thick winter-y flannel, and it fits so well. I own two shirts of a similar shape from New Look's Inspire range (the other is a khaki summer shirt), and find them to be the best fit for my very hip-py self.

Shirt, £10, New Look sale
Skirt, £10, River Island
Tights, M&S
Docs, gifted (and oh so loved, I think these deserve a post of their very own some time soon).

I'm wearing this outfit but with skinnies today as well! Hurrah for remixes!


  1. I love that shirt! I've never seen it in NL though :(

  2. Love remixing outfits! Love the flannel!