Friday, November 26

So it's winter and it's freezing, and practicality is taking over from fashion. I managed to pull something together today that actually looks more than just functional, so that's worth celebrating I guess...

This top was an impulse buy with some birthday money in July, and shamefully this is the first time I've worth it. However, now I actually know a way to style it, this will definitely get more outings!

Purple top: £14, New Look (size L, straight size range)
Polo neck: £7 Dorothy Perkins (in hindsight I think a round neck jumper would've been better, my neck seems to have gone missing here!)
Skirt: Clothes swap, £free
Tights: £8 M&S (size L/XL, and surprisingly generous and hole free! I'd recommend these to anyone)
Boots, £25 Deichmann


  1. Your outfit is great and your glasses are fantastic! Can I ask where you got them?

  2. Thanks Ella! They're vintage, by Polaroid if that's any help :)