Sunday, August 1

Time for a teenage goth revival today. That said, I was a pretty rubbish teenage goth the first time round (I mainly wore plain black suit trousers and plain black office-y tops, it took me years to discover where actual plus size goth-y clothes lived, even living within an hour and a half of Camden. Dear oh dear), and probably wouldn't have owned any of this then.

Black sequinned waistcoat, £1 junk stall at Leeds Market. I wholeheartedly recommend the outdoor market on Thursday for uber cheap clothing scores, plus there is an amazing stall selling vintage books, clothes, homewares etc there on Monday and Thursday.
Pixies tour of 91 t-shirt, £1 Brixton Traid sale. I bought this for my boyfriend originally, but he deemed it too short so I reacquisitioned it. It's that perfect worn out grey of many years of wear.
Black skinnies, Dorothy Perkins sale £10
Studded platforms, swapped via the livejournal community ThriftstoreUK.

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