Friday, August 27

Some DIY action for you tonight. I've had this dress a while - it got sent to me with some vintage stock, but isn't actually vintage. It does a very good impression of being from the 40s though. It was labelled a size 14, but made of a stretchy acrylic that meant it fit me well too - however, it used to have a sort of flap front to the skirt, meaning that every time I sat down, the world saw er... much more than it needed to see. I've been meaning to sew the two flaps together and make it into a cute pencil skirt shape for a while, but never got beyond pinning it. However, tonight I decided to set on some of the sewing projects I've left about the place.

This will be the perfect winter day dress! It's got super cute leopard print buttons than you can't see, and a figure hugging shape. I teamed it with some mascara, chanel lipstick in rouge noir (which I traded online for recently), my trusty brown waist belt (which probably isn't the right colour or shape really) and some ancient peep toes from Evans.


  1. DAMN girl, this dress is happening!
    That hem length and kinda 40's vintage vibe suits you SO well.
    Pencil skirts for everyone!

    p.s. wandered here via wardrobe_remix on Flickr.