Sunday, August 15


So, I've been offered a very exciting job, working as a Technical Assistant in Screen Archive South East. I'll be working digitising 8/16mm home movies til the end of June next year, which means that in less than four weeks, I'll be moving to Brighton! Or, possibly to Surrey for a little while if I can't let the spare room in my flat. But Brighton eventually!

The boy and I have only just relocated into a lovely little attic flat in Leeds, and I've been working hard to get my bedroom into a lovely work space that's both calming and comforting. It looks like I'll be packing it all back up again, sigh! So, to remember this beautiful room as it is now, I took a few pictures. If anyone knows anything nice going in Brighton (and thrifting ideas), suggestions are much appreciated!

Guided tour:

Lovely shelves draped with blue fairy lights, holding boxes of zines, academic papers, art books and cameras. Oh, and sewing/knitting equipment.

Bed complete with a second hand white bedside table (£10 from a junk stall on Brixton hill) thrifted blue floral duvet (£4, charity shop) and of course, my tackiest of disembodied 70s children paintings. I have an awful love for these, and always will.

Another bedside table, my first joint furniture purchase with the boy back in 2006. It cost us £15 from another junk stall on Caledonian Road, and has stencilled stars on it.

In built wardrobes stuffed to the brim with my vintage/dress collection. <3

Cross stitch cat picture (£1, Otley car boot), russian dolls and DAB radio for radio four fun times during the day.
Book shelf. This is mine and was about £25 from argos. I wish I had more luck with second hand bookshelves but I never find them! I do however have a major second hand book problem. Far too many of these are currently unread.

Desk with laptop, DVDs to ebay, shoe rack and my image lines! Some strong string + drawing pins and pegs = no need for blue tack and an interchangeable mood wall/inspiration wall. Whenever I go to exhibitions I always try and buy a postcard or leaflet or flyer so that I can then go home and scribble away about my reactions to them. Images of late include family photographs, some of my A level work, train pictures and postcards from The Women's Library, the National Media Museum, the V&A and Impressions Gallery.

Bunting! £8.50 ebay. Also a floral sixties plastic monstrosity of a clock, £2.50 charity shop.

Petticoat! £££too much, Vivien of Holloway. But definitely a wardrobe staple when you flounce about in ridiculous dresses as much as I do ;)


  1. Jealous of how nice your room is. Mine is boring and in a basement, LOL. I want white walls and a cute closet like yours.

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